Desi and Richard - a colorful wedding on the beach

A wedding I shot with great pleasure. Thanks, Desi and Richard!

Desi - a beautiful Bulgarian girl and Richard, a smiling and loving to be a cheerful Englishman. Even at the first meeting with them, I noticed that they were alike - they both smiled with broad and sincere smiles. Dessy explained that Richard liked the traditions of the Bulgarian wedding, that he held the wedding in Bulgarian traditions.
A month before the wedding, I went to see the place where the wedding party was scheduled. The seafront restaurant, where they planned their wedding, seemed so unobtrusive and unsuitable for such a holiday. The civil marriage was set on the beach in front of the restaurant. On the wedding day everything was transformed - a beautiful vintage-style wooden arch for the exported ritual, which was decorated with live flowers, a corner for the memories of relatives and relatives, the decoration of the mass of the newlyweds and the kums, etc. - everything was very stylish and beautiful. And how did the groom dance traditional Bulgarian people and ruchenitsa - I just have no words. It is a joy to shoot such people, fun and natural, as if the pictures were taken by themselves ... :)


Thanks for the fairytale wedding memories. Great professional and artist. You helped us realize a dream.

Dessy and Richard